The Global Educators is also an Education Advising Center for students planning to study in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong & Singapore
To make this opportunity available and accessible to a large number of career aspirants, Abroad Education Counsel is being formed. The aim is to counsel and assist students on the various options available in the global scenario.

The belief is bringing about the right fit between the student and the university. We are a dedicated team with several years of experience in assisting students and analyze the individual profile, potential goals and academic relevance of the student, financial constraints, and suggest appropriate courses, countries and universities to ensure that ambitions, goals and aspirations are met.

Our Services

Arranging and assisting admission

The Global Educators gives special care in student support, assisting them through the admission procedure and continues our support all throughout their tenure overseas.

Application Processing

Fast track application processing is ensured through expert visa application executives and experienced personnel. We have the best team who has expertise in application processing who saves time and money.


The parents and students are given clear cut idea & advice about the documentation required for the student visa, lodging the visa and co-coordinating the same. Preparation of visa applications & submission to the Embassy/ High Commission is done with utmost care. We also prepare students for VISA interview preparation.

Travel Assistance

Booking flight tickets well in advance, keeping abreast the discounts that can be availed, makes it easier for students to fly to their destinations at low cost. A pre-departure briefing is also provided to psychologically tune the students for their future Endeavour.

Career Guidance and Course Selection

We provide professional guidance to students and parents alike to select the right courses that perfectly fit the individual’s possible career goals and in-depth information on course and universities available.


Follow-up for Securing Admission

On uploading the applications our plenary counsellors see that the candidates procure admissions within no time and intimate the students on various stages in admission.Our dynamic and energitic staff will assure you the admission by clearcut followups.


Bank Loan Assistance

With more than a decade of expertise, students are made aware of the proceedings & given assistance in availing bank loans.We provide students all the necessary data to approach all major banks.



The Global Educators is providing scholarship for various programs from the day it started functioning.We have the motto to arrange scholarships for those students who are bright and needy for money