Business Communication Skills & E-mail Etiquette

  • Are you afraid of speaking English in public?
  • Did you miss the MNC opportunity because you could not converse in English with the Interviewer?
  • Are you not able to converse with seniors due to lack of English knowledge?
  • Do you feel embarrassed to reply an e-mail ?

If the answer to one or all of the questions is Yes!…. then join us

Course Duration: 2 months

Business communication skills are essential to the success of any employee who must interact with customers–internal or external. Effective Business Communication Skills workshop teaches employees at all levels how to communicate clearly, concisely, and professionally.

Did you ever wonder what kind of impression you make with your e-mail messages, memos, voice mail messages, and phone conversations? The content, presentation style, and delivery techniques of messages impact your ability to control, motivate, and inform others.

During the training, participants will be exposed to a variety of different communication media, as well as different tools and techniques to help them make their messages more meaningful and powerful. Participants will also learn the basics of grammar and proofreading, complaint resolution, and verbal professionalism by participating in a wide range of different activities, role plays, and discussions.

Who will benefit /Target Audience

Anyone who must interact effectively with others to get the job done will find this course useful. Managers, professionals, Admin Assistant, Office Administrator, Secretary or receptionist at all levels must rely upon sound communication skills for effective working relationships. People from all industries benefit from this course

Course Outline/ Content

Understanding the Communication Process
  • The Goal of Effective Communication
  • The Importance of Effective Communication
  • How Communication Works
  • Communication Networks
Listening Skills
  • Introducing Listening Skills
  • Examining Your Listening Skills
  • Listening Re-examining Your Listening Skills
Lay-out of E-mail Business letter
  • Format for typing
  • Planning a business letter
  • Letters of Enquiry & reply
  • Complain & apologies,
  • Sales and circular letters
  • Invoices, cover letter/explanation
  • The Memo / memoranda
  • C V’s and Job applications
  • Useful phrases used in E-mail business writing
Communicating effectively in the Workplace
  • Ways to communicate in the workplace
  • Listening to your team member
  • Using body language
  • Using appropriate tone of voice
Using E-mail Etiquette in work place
  • General techniques of writing business
  • Observe basic E-mail Etiquette
  • Sending an attachment
  • Sending circular to many clients
  • E-mail messages
  • Understanding the jargon
Telephonic Etiquette in work place
  • The first impression during conversation
  • Placing Calls/transferring calls Answering Calls Using Voice Mail Taking messages & notes
Resolving Employee Complaints
  • Understanding Effective Complaint
  • Resolution Processes

By the end of this course, participants will learn

  • How to make the best use of emails
  • Email structures to achieve clarity and successful communication
  • To write for the reader – effective subject lines
  • Email effectiveness – Managing recipients and messages
  • Perfect grammar because it matters
  • Format messages for readability
  • Learn to write professionally and brand Broadcast emails
  • Learn to avoid senders regret by proof reading
  • Understand ‘netiquette’
  • Master the inbox using some core principles and email functions
  • Attaching files to an e-mail Vs web links
  • Email policies – Forwards, viruses, disclaimers
  • Email effectiveness – Managing recipients and messages